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Thanks for reading about us.


First and foremost we are a member of the National Tattoo Association.  We take pride in our industry and in customer service.  The work we create and the service we provide is top notch because we appreciate our clients and the opportunity to create beautiful art.  Art is our passion and we love to share our passion.





DCLT is accredited by the Better Business Bureau and you can be sure that we stand by our service to you the client.  Our clients come first and we strive to meet your expectations.

We are a member of the Modesto Chamber of Commerce and endeavor to part of our community.  We feel that giving back to the our community is important.


Here at Dos Changos Locos Tattoo we are passionate about art and the tattoo industry.  We love sharing our passion with our clients and our clients become our tattoo family members.  The art of tattooing is such a personal choice that is a life-long commitment and we know how important that commitment is to your life.  There is nothing like wearing your art and expressing who you are.


You can be sure that we have your health in mind when it comes to being a sterile environment.  We are the leaders in the tattoo community in Stanislaus County!  We operate an American Safety and Health Institute training facility that provides training to medical professionals and tattoo studio personnel.  We pride ourselves in our knowledge of the tattoo industry and health and safety codes that regulate the tattoo industry.

Come in and see our facility, and meet our friendly and helpful staff.  Take a look at the art that we create.  If you do not like our style of art we will gladly refer you to a tattoo studio in the area that is likewise clean and reputable.

Come on in and see us today.

Reverend Scotchie Chapman

Scotchie Chapman Owner and artist of DCL Tattoo in Modesto California. 209-571-8282

Regulation? When, Where? You are not regulating anything!

Regulation? When, Where?  You are not regulating anything!

Hey county if you are going to take my money then do your damn job!

Well, I tried to get the studios and artists in the Modesto area to band together.  We still have not come together.  It is sad that we get taken advantage of by the powers that be (Stanislaus County, Modesto City) in regards to all of this regulation.  What have those entities done for the tattoo industry? Nothing, but collect payments.  They “regulate” studios that were self-regulating in the first place.  The real studios were not the problem, and yes the problem still exists.  Home tattooers that flood Facebook, Instagram, and Craigslist are still not being addressed by the regulating powers that exist.  However, they are more than happy to take your money for a job that they are not doing.  I know for a fact that I have sent in many pictures, links, ads, and etc. in regards to all those that are blatantly posting advertisements on social media.  This will not go away on its own, it will not be addressed by the regulating powers until we as an industry stand together and make this happen.

So until then… I guess I am just a grumpy old bastard.

Inking in the valley tattoo convention 2013


Inking in the valley tattoo convention.

Inking in the Valley is a Modesto tattoo convention that is on its third year.  If you did not go last year then you missed out a very clean and exciting convention.  We will be helping this year and look forward to seeing you there. Early payment for booth will get the Blood Borne Pathogen class for free. Booths are $400 for a 10 by 10 foot booth and $700 for a 10 by 20 foot booth.  Call Pattie at Dos Changos Locos Tattoo for more information 209-571-8282. We look forward to seeing you there.

This year the Car Show will be out in the parking lot on the north side of the convention center.  There will be lots of vendors, music and don’t forget the tattoos and art!

Admission is $20 at the door.  It starts at 11am on Saturday the 1st of June and 11am Sunday the 2nd of June.  Make sure you come by and check it out.  We will be teaching the Blood Borne Pathogens class for the artists that need it.  Make sure you contact us so we can get the class finished and the cards filled out.  See you all there.

We will posting more information monthly and as we get closer to June.  If you have any questions call Pattie.  Thanks and we look forward to having a great time.


by Scotchie Chapman

Owner and Artist at DCL Tattoo

Dos Changos Locos Tattoo 2013

Dos Changos Locos Tattoo 2013

It is tattoo time for Dos Changos Locos Tattoo 2013.  Troy is making custom vinyl Toys.  If you have not looked at Troy’s Toys then you are missing out.  The tattoo studio has been busy and Troy is slammed with toy orders and tattoo appointments.  We are really happy that he is blowing up at the moment.  Many of the vinyl toy sites have been writing about Troy and his commission vinyl toys.


commission vinyl android toy.

Jen Culotta is booked about one to two weeks out.  Call to get your spot.  If you are requiring a custom drawing a deposit is required to hold your appointment and get your drawing started.  Custom work will usually require a face to face consultation. Jen has been very busy and spring time is the busiest, so think ahead.  Call today.

I am “Scotchie” back at the high school until the end of May. I am planning on working 5 more years at least at the high school before I retire.  Art and tattoos have kept my sanity over the years of dealing with kids.  I am looking forward to this year and what it holds for us.  I would really like to do more Aztec/Mayan art, so keep me in mind.  Here is a Mayan pyramid that I did recently.

Mayan Pyramid

California Corey Young has been busy as well. Call the studio if you are trying to reach him.  Bear Fields is here at the studio now and is ready to help you with your tattoo needs.  Guest artists  Mr. Droopy and Jopa are by appointment only. Call for details.

Here is looking to a great new year of tattooing.  Call us or come in and make an appointment for your tattoo today!


Scotchie Chapman

Reverend Scotchie Chapman

Scotchie Chapman Owner and artist of DCL Tattoo in Modesto California. 209-571-8282

America…United not Divided

America…United not Divided

So the elections are over.  All over the internet of stupidity there are people saying they want to secede from the union. What!?  Have these people not read any history at all?  Did they not watch any of the programs like the Civil War or the new Abraham Lincoln movie?  Do you not realize that you are always stronger united than you are divided?  I cannot for the life of me figure out why people would think that one man (president) can cause this country to fail!  The President has some power, but this is not a monarchy, or a dictatorship.  Get over yourselves already.  The media needs to stop feeding the gorilla.  This is ridiculous.

If we as Americans are not happy with our government then we need to call our representatives and make our voice heard.  If you do not like your representatives then recall them!  Getting angry and throwing the baby out with the bath water is ludicrous.  Americans are a people of amazing ingenuity and skills, and we are a people of amazing feats of adaption. If we do not like the economy then we need to sit up and suck it up and turn this country around, even if we do it despite what our leaders are doing!  Quit waiting for the government to do it for you.  Stop waiting for a handout and get going!  Lets roll up our sleeves and get ready to do some work.  If you do not like the big corporations then why do you buy from them?  Support the mom and pop stores and stop looking for a cheap version of what you want.

What I do not understand is why people continue to point their fingers at the government and corporations for all their ills.  We would not be in the spot we are in if we would put the government and the corporations in their place.  Stop buying the materials and products made in other countries!  If it is not made here in the United States of America don’t buy it. You don’t like the cost of gas…Stop buying it!  You can buy electric, you can ride a bike, or walk.  Damn-it people stop the crying!  Have we become a nation of spoiled children?  Put on your adult pants and change things.  There are ways to turn this economy around, and that requires you to be uncomfortable and pay a little or a lot extra to make sure that you support your country and fellow Americans.  The corporations and your government is not going to do it!  Suck it up and get yourself sorted out.  Get off the welfare, unemployment, etc.  Stop taking the handouts.  Take that shit job, or two jobs, or three, pay a little extra at the locally ran business or start your own and support each other.


We cannot give up and allow our country, our family, our home to fail.  It is not acceptable. Stop buying anything foreign and only buy from America.  If buying only American means you will have to do without, then for crying-out-loud do without!  Holy crap this country has turned into a bunch of whining little brats.  If you do not like what is going on change it.  Stop crying, stop bitching and change your attitude first.  Change your habits first.  Change how you live first.  Guess what?  All this other crap will stop once we change our attitudes and begin to roll up our sleeves and rebuild.  Screw the government.  I am not waiting on them for anything.  I will do for myself.  Hopefully enough people will do the same and we the people will turn this government and country and economy around on our own…American style baby.  Independent, kick your ass, take no shit, I am going to do it myself country like it used to be!  Look out world cause America is going to come back strong, and it is going to be because of people like me.  There are a lot of us.  So buckle up and enjoy the ride.  I will be successful despite the hype.  Kiss my ass.

I am American Pride.



woop woop American Style!

Politics and Education

Politics and Education

So in California they are talking about decreasing the school year in high school to 155 days.  That equates out to around 775-798 hours for high school in California.  To top that our students do not get field trips, technology, arts, and possibly no sports at all.  If people still cannot see the damage that is being done by politicians to our children’s education, then I guess there is nothing more to be said. However, here is some information for you to look at: This full article is located at:

Do other countries require more instructional hours for students than the U.S.?

China and India are important comparisons, but other countries could provide even greater insight into whether U.S. students are spending as much time in school, particularly countries that typically score high on international assessments, such as Korea, Japan, Finland, and Canada, as well as economic competitors such as England, France, Germany, and Italy. The data set that allows us to do this comes from the OECD. It does not include the number of school days, but looks directly at required instructional hours.

According to the OECD, the hours of compulsory instruction per year in these countries range from 608 hours in Finland (a top performer) to 926 hours in France (average) at the elementary level, compared to the over 900 hours required in California, New York, Texas, and Massachusetts. Of particular note, no state requires as few hours as Finland, even though Finland scores near the top of nearly every international assessment. As a matter of fact, Vermont – a high-performing state7 — requires the fewest number of hours (700 hours) for its elementary students (grades 1-2) than any other state, and it still requires more than Finland. Vermont’s requirement is also more than the 612 hours high-achieving Korea requires of its early elementary students. Moreover, all but 5 states require more hours of instruction at the early elementary school level than the OECD countries8 average of 759 hours.

At the middle school level, total hours of instruction range from 777 hours in Finland (a top performer) to 1001 in Italy (an average performer). Three of our 5 large states, New York (990 hours), Texas (1,260 hours), and Massachusetts (990 hours) would rank near the top of all industrialized nations in number of hours required. California and Florida would rank near the middle at 900 hours but still above the OECD average of 886 hours. It should be noted that even at the middle school level, countries like Japan and Korea require fewer hours (868 and 867 respectively) than most U.S. states. So by the 8th grade, students in most U.S. states have been required to receive more hours of instruction than students in most industrialized countries, including high-performing Finland, Japan, and Korea.

In most countries, there is a significant increase in the time students are required to be in school at the high school level. In the U.S., most states require the same number of hours in high school as in middle school. Just as they did at middle school level, Finland (856 hours) and Italy (1,089 hours) required the fewest and most hours of instruction respectively. Italy’s 1,089 hours surpasses all but 2 out of our 5 selected states. Texas requires 1,260 hours of instruction at the high school level, while California requires 1,080 hours. (California used to require this, but it has not for awhile)  Korea requires 1,020 hours of instruction at the high school level. Nearly half (22) the states require more instructional hours than Korea. Moreover, the vast majority of states (42) require more hours of instruction than the OECD average of 902 hours.  Again, there’s no evidence that students in other countries are  required to receive more instruction than students in the United States.


You must be careful when you buy into the achievement material that the politicians publish.  The whole system is setup to deny funding to schools.  It has become one of the biggest scams that politicians were able to pull off.  The majority of “Funding” never reaches the actual school.  The state government takes their share, the county takes their share, the district administrators take their share, and then whatever is left goes to the wages of the workers at the school site, and lastly the kids.  The politicians use the achievement scores to deny funding to the schools.  The sad part is…The schools that need more funding are the ones that are doing poorly.

My point is that our system could work if we would stop allowing politicians to manipulate our educational system.  The politicians do not know how much a gallon of milk costs, or how much gasoline costs.  How could politicians know what your child needs educationally?  Just like the Common Core material that is on the door step now, and that program assumes that all jobs in 2018 will require secondary (college) education.  Did anyone look at the California Department of Labor and their projections?  There are very little jobs that will require a secondary education.  We are talking about 5,000 total for the whole state of California.  So one high school district in California could to fulfill all the job openings?  It is outrageous to say that all students will need a college education!  Considering that many of the school districts are in agricultural areas.

Our politicians have lost touch to what our children need.  We keep cutting schools until there is no way for the schools to survive.  I feel there is a big push by politicians to privatize schools.  If we allow that to happen then what will happen to the kids in the middle class or poverty?  Those kids will not get much of an education.  Don’t believe me?  Look at Medicare or social medicine… Do any of you want that kind of service when it comes to the education of your children?  I know we are almost at that point now, and many of you feel we are.  When is that last time that your kids got a field trip?  When is the last time that you did not have to pay for sports, band, art, dance, etc.

The bottom line is that the politicians are not touched by the lack of funding in education from elementary all the way to college because their kids are in private schools. The politicians want you to hate your local teachers.  By the way that attitude of disrespect for your local teachers you have goes to school with your kids.  You are being manipulated and your children will end up without an education if you do not do something to try and change all of this garbage. As for me… I am not worried because I will home school my grand-kids.  I feel sorry for the rest of society.

Halloween Poems

Nightmare of the Innocents

You shuffle on the concrete of horror
while I run in the gum of dreams

The faster I run, the faster you catch up
you’re gaining on me, how can this be?

You break my flesh and drink my blood
how can your communion be my death?

I am not your god, and if I created you
why can’t I make you disappear?

I brought you from the depths to thought
you put me on a cross of metaphors

Grind your teeth on my bones
make me into your image

Dead, uncaring, violent, self-absorbed, destructive
like the society we live in–
Like all naive innocents I die
a social, then a physical death–

Bully me no more


I hear your flesh creaking
Your bones singing of death
I hear your shuffling feet
As your soul scrapes the dirt
Do I taste like chicken?
Are my brains candy?
I hear you crying for me
Your life is my death–

Victim  (with translation)                            RRRRRrrrrrr Brainsssss

Swift supple sustenance runs away          Rrrr rrrr argggg rrr rrrrrrrr
Like a sucker                                                  Rrr r rrrrrrrrr
Brains on a stick.                                          Brainnnnssss r rrrr aaarrrrrrrrr

Zombie nation

Can’t you see the undead?
Look, they surround us all
They are infected with:
Avarice, gluttony and wrath
Pride, lust, envy and sloth.
With their dead eyes and stony hearts
They trample the weak and the meek
Beneath their selfish feet
Never satisfied until all is consumed

This is no horror movie
There are no Zombies here
Yet, the blood of the innocents
Drips from their mouths
And like the zombies they
Feed off the brains of others
And take what others own and build
Never to contribute anything except misery.
Careful! Watch-out! The one percent is coming!

Careful! Watch out!
They will trample you down for they are hard to kill
And we the people are their food source.
Our leaders have sold us out
We are nothing but cattle to be consumed
Consume our labor, our ideas, our products
Consume our savings, and pensions
Consume our health with no regard to our well-being
The undead have cursed us all to a Zombie apocalypse called America!