Sheep! We continue to pay for these people? Even while the rest of us go without?

First of all this will most likely make people angry.  You have been forewarned!

We keep paying taxes and services keep getting cut.  However, you notice that those in government are still getting paid more every year.  Their pensions are safe and sound, even though all the while the rest of us take pay cuts, lose jobs, lose benefits, and still continue to pay more in taxes.  The government pensions are not sustainable!  We cannot continue to pay for people that are in a position that was originally designed to be a voluntary position with no pay.  The elected government positions were never supposed to have the pensions they get now.  They were never supposed to get a retirement for doing an elected voluntary public service position.  You know there is something wrong when people will spend tens even hundreds of millions of dollars to voted into a position that was not supposed to even be a paid position.  Does anyone see the obvious corruption?  We as a people need to clear the slate of all of this nonsense.  Take away the pensions of these people!  Our budgets might go towards being balanced.  We pay more in taxes, but get less services.  We cannot continue to pay for these leaches of society.  We have all been ripped off.  When will we wake up and put a stop to it?

I know many are going to be mad at me, but that is okay.  I don’t understand how you can think it is reasonable to take away the pensions of people that have worked at their jobs for 20 plus years.  There are many that have had their pensions taken away from them and they are hard working honest people.  We have all watched and allowed it to happen.  Yet, the elected officials continue to give themselves raises, increase their pensions, and cut everyone else in the process.  When will we take their hands out of our pockets?  When will we all wake up and see things as they really are?  Our communities suffer from the cuts to law enforcement, fire department, nursing, teaching, roads, bridges, and parks.  Are we really too scared to look at the truth?  Are we all that lazy?

Wake up America.  We have had our country stolen from us by government and the banks that run our government.  We have been bought out by thieves! I am sorry that I have failed my grandchildren by my silence while this all took place.  Maybe someone will listen…Maybe it is too late…



Scott “Scotchie” Chapman

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