Do we need tattoo studios?

Do we need tattoo studios?

Are tattoos and piercings a luxury item?  What purpose does tattoo studios serve?

Tattoos are in a way luxury items as they are necessities, however, they are also a form of stress relief and a reward for all your hard work.  Just like fixing up your house, car, and your nice wardrobe.  Many times clients express that they needed to get tattooed or pierced because they were so stressed out.  Many people feel that tattoos or piercings help them feel better.  The procedures are like a reward for a job well done.  Not to mention the tattoos that are for a memorial of someone or something.  Tattoos help with closure and soothing grief.  Tattoos can help mark a special occasion or significant life event.  Marking ourselves is so deeply ingrained that the act of tattooing can be traced back before written history.  Many humans feel a deep desire to express themselves and set themselves apart from others.  Everything we do from teams, to gangs, and to family that reveal who we are and that we belong to something bigger than ourselves.  Tattoos help many people resolve feelings of being an individual.

Years ago there were only small groups of people that were on the edges of society that had tattoos.  Now many have discovered the benefits of having ink.  Many might argue that tattoos are a low form of art that only low-class people own.  That argument is no longer valid as you can witness Olympic athletes with ink, doctors, law enforcement, fire department, lawyers, corporate executives, etc. sporting ink.  Tattooing is in the mainstream of society and many may argue that has diluted the meaning of tattoos.  There are valid arguments on both sides of the topic.

What we do know is that artists are under the microscope.  The art scene is not like it was years ago, and nothing ever is.  We are seeing a higher caliber of art going on skin today, but let us not forget the traditional art work that laid the ground work for what we see today.  The traditional images carry more weight than people give them credit.  The traditional images are there for a reason.  Many of the older images carry symbolism that helps the collector tell a deeper story about who they are.  For many collectors it is the story that their tattoos tell that is important to them in the first place.  The importance of the symbols are all important when it comes to prison tattoos or gang tattoos.  However, people are discovering that tattoos can be an elegant way to express their beliefs and lifestyles.

Why do people want extravagant art tattooed on them?  It is the same reason someone would pay millions to hang art in their house that only a select few would ever see.  Tattoo collectors would tell you that at least they have their art with them all the time and that it cannot be stolen, and they will take it with them when they die.  I have art on my walls at home and my tattoo studio, but the art that is most important to me would be my tattoos.  My tattoos tell deep stories of my life and family.  My tattoos make me feel like my old fat body is more than a bag of mostly water.  My body becomes a piece of art that starts conversations everywhere I go.

Back to the topic: Do we need tattoo studios? Obviously I am going to say yes.  We have seven people that depend on this business for the money it provides.  We do not receive money from the government, and our clients don’t either, so Obama can kiss my ass.  It is not because of my government that I am successful it is because of passion, devotion, sacrifice, and the love of my trade that has made us successful, not to mention the amount of money that we have invested into our business and ourselves.  Our clients enjoy treating themselves to a reward of art for all the stress, and success that they enjoy.  They would not be able to get those tattoos from the local gas station or IKEA, or WalMart, so yes tattoo studios are needed, and we are all American.  Buy American!  No tattoos coming from another country, Ha Ha HA.



By Scotchie Chapman

Reverend Scotchie Chapman

Scotchie Chapman Owner and artist of DCL Tattoo in Modesto California. 209-571-8282

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